Episode 007

More Maps, Waiting for a New Captain, Through the Duergar Passage, the Red Plateau

After clearing the first portion of the duergar passage, the party returns to Yellerton to inform Kruuma of their findings/doings. The party learns that several Yellerton townsfolk have gone missing; and, Kruuma suspects they have been taken by the Bloodhooks, through the duergar passage and under the Snaketongue, to their home on the Red Plateau. Kruuma offers the party passage across the Snaketongue if they are willing to gather information on the whereabouts of the townsfolk and/or the goings on in the Red Plateau.

On their way back to the duergar passage, the party encounters a caravan being escorted by the Goldtalon Company. After a brief exchange, they continue on their way.

In the duergar passage, Xhorus, Bello, and Olbo find that quaggoths have risen from the depths of the underdark to eat the remains of the duergar and ogres dispatched during the party’s previous venture. Ignoring other pathways and trails in the tunnel, the party marches through for hours on end until finally surfacing on the other side of the Snaketongue. In the second entrance to the duergar passage, the party finds a dying human next to a dead Bloodhook. Unable to find the means of reviving him, the party decides to leave him be.

Out in the wilderness of the plateau, the party encounters a mother owlbear and her curious children. Unfortunately, Bello’s conversation with the animals leads to a bloody combat.

Soon afterwards, the party runs into two worn ogres. After a failed attempt at sneaking past them, the party decides to face the threat in combat. Olbo is knocked unconscious in battle, but quickly recovers with the help of his resourceful companions.

The party uses the ogres’ campsite as their own resting place before continuing their exploration of the Red Plateau.



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